2019 Programme

Thursday night meetings are held  at




The Conservative Club,  Farington,  Leyland, PR25 4GA  at 8.00pm

Tuesday    01 January          Chairman's Run - The Committee let the New Year in down at the track

Thursday  10 January          Annual General Meeting 

Thursday  24 January          “Attend a tender Night” – things you tow behind - members contributions


Thursday 07 February         “Machining Basics Night” – parallelism, wheels, axles, bores, right angles

Thursday 21 February         “Amps, Ohms and Volts Night” – A shocking talk by Vic Whittaker….

Sat / Sun 23/24 February    MMEX Exhibition


Sunday    03 March              Boiler Testing Day down at the track - Adrian & Rodger earn their pay

Thursday 07 March             “Project Night” - members latest efforts on display

Thursday 14 March             Committee Meeting

Thursday 21 March             “Post Brexit Night” How to join things together or take things apart ……   


Thursday 04 April                President’s Trophy - award to best non-steam item on the night

Sat/Sun 13/14 April             Traction Engine open weekend - Visitors welcome - lunch provided 

Thursday 18 April                “Little George Night” – recollections of a departed friend

F-M  19 – 22 April               Easter Weekend – Full weekend of running!!


Thursday 02 May                 Bring & Buy – ignore the quality – feel the mass!                     

Monday   06 May                 Bank Holiday running

Saturday  11 May                 Training Day at the track

Thursday 16 May                 “Grinding Night” – Grindstones, sanders, deburring, metal removal

Saturday 18 May                  LNER themed day – Open Invitation -  refreshments available

Monday   27 May                 Bank Holiday running

Thursday 30 May                 “Anger Management Night” – M E things and / or people you dislike


Sat/Sun 01/02 June              Malt Kiln Farm Steam rally

Thursday 06 June                 Committee meeting 

Thursday  13 June                “Milling Machine Tips & Tricks Night” – members experiences

Saturday  15 June                 Leyland Festival - commitment to SRBC to provide trains from 10.00hrs

Thursday  27 June                LEYLEC - Members fun event, bring your own lunch, F&C4T@18.00


Thursday  11July                “Project Night” - members latest efforts on display   

Fri - Sun 12 - 14 July            IMLEC 2019

Saturday  20 July                 LMS Themed day – Visitors Welcome - refreshments available      

Thursday  25July                 “Get a Grip Night” or how to hold things tight!             


Thursday  08 August           “What makes a grate great? Night” – fire bars to rosebuds etc.

Sat/Sun 17/18 August          Open Weekend –Visitors Welcome - refreshments available

Thursday  22 August           Chat Night

Monday    26 August           Bank Holiday running

Saturday   31 August           Training Day at the track


Thursday 05September        Bring & Buy – ignore the quality – feel the mass!

Saturday  07 September      3½” Gauge Rally –Visitors Welcome - Refreshments available

Thursday 19 September      “Project Night” - Members latest work on display

Thursday 26 September      Committee meeting (Please note, rescheduled from 12th Sept)


Thursday 03 October           “Clarkson Night” – Harry not Jeremy, drawings models, bits etc

Sunday    06 October           Boiler Testing Day – Rodger and Adrian under pressure….

Sunday    13 October           Alan Priddey’s Diesel Day + Bacon Butties 12.00 – 13.00

Thursday 17 October           “Let’s just talk about boilers”  – guess what this evening is about?

Thursday 31 October           “Quorn Club Night” – Just how do these fiendish machines really work?


Thursday 14 November      “Tapping Holes Night” – members experiences, we all do it differently!

Thursday 28 November       “Victor Meldrew Night” – I don’t believe it!! – members YouTube clips


Monday   02 December       Annual Christmas Dinner

Thursday 05 December       Committee meeting 

Thursday 12 December       “Project Night” - Members latest work on display                    

Thursday 26 December       Boxing Day Mince Pie & Steam Up


Wednesday  01 January      Chairman's Run - The Committee let the New Year in down at the track

Thursday     09  January      Annual General Meeting 

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Weather permitting, the railway is open every Sunday between 12.00 and 16.00 hrs