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Leyland SME Programme for 2024

Issue 1


Thursday  04 January         Meeting Night - Annual General Meeting 

Thursday  18 January         Meeting Night - Grinding: Hints, tips and how to subscribe…….



Thursday 01 February       Meeting Night  - Things you have made for under £1

Tuesday  13   February       School Holiday Running 

Thursday 15 February       Meeting Night -  Internal Combustion anything, just for a change

Thursday 29  February       Meeting Night -  Whistles: Glug, splut or “I like the sound of that!”



Thursday 14  March           Meeting Night - Safety valves, the inside bits

Sunday    17  March           Boiler Testing Day at the track

Thursday 28 March           Meeting Night - Project Night - members latest efforts on display

Friday     29 March            Easter Bank Holiday Running



Monday   01  April            Easter Bank Holiday Running

Tuesday  02  April            School Holiday Running

Thursday 04 April             Committee Meeting

Tuesday  09   April            School Holiday Running 

Thursday 11 April            Meeting Night - Barges to Rails, steam power and railways a talk by guest speaker Nigel Hardacre

Sunday    21  April            Traction Attraction - Contact “Big Shaun” 

Thursday 25  April            Meeting Night  -  Rectifications you have made



Thursday 02  May             Meeting Night –Piston Valves, the ins and outs, if you can excuse the pun!

Monday   06  May             Bank Holiday Running

Thursday 16  May             Meeting Night – Screwcutting, if you’ve never had a go, you never know..

Monday   27  May             Bank Holiday Running

Tuesday  28   May             School Holiday Running 

Thursday 30  May              Meeting Night : Sweet Pea Rally last min details + Geo Thomas bits



Sat / Sun 01/02 June         Sweet Pea Rally

Thursday      13 June          Meeting Night- Project Night - members latest efforts on display

Saturday       15June          Leyland Festival  - LSME have agreed to provide train services

Thursday      20 June          Committee meeting 

Thursday      27 June          Meeting Night  - Just what are PTFE seats ?, and how to ruin them…..

Thursday       11 July          Meeting Night Low Voltage Night - LED's, POT's, Hadron Collider.....

Fri/Sat/Sun 19/21 July       IMLEC at Southport

Tuesday        23 July         School Holiday Running 

Thursday       25 July          Meeting Night “What makes a grate great?– fire bars to rosebuds etc.

Tuesday        30 July         School Holiday Running 


Tuesday  06 August           School Holiday Running 

Thursday 08 August           Meeting Night : Collections Night - coins, stamps, antiques, pills, debt

Saturday  10 August           LEYLEC 2024 : Members fun competition + Fish & Chips for tea!

Tuesday  13 August           School Holiday Running 

Tuesday  20 August           School Holiday Running 

Thursday 22August           Meeting Night - Useless fittings night, things you made then binned…

 Monday  26August           Bank Holiday Running

Tuesday  27 August           School Holiday Running 

Thursday 29 August           Committee Meeting


Thursday 05 Sept               Meeting Night – Fantastic Plastic, alternative modelling  

Thursday 19 Sept               Meeting Night - Project Night - Members latest work on display


Thursday 03 October         Meeting Night –  Bring & Buy – ignore the quality – feel the mass!

Sunday    06 October         Boiler Testing Day at the track

Sunday    13 October          Diesel Day – Visitors welcome – refreshments available

Thursday 17 October         Meeting Night Things that go tick, clocks, watches, beetles, IED’s etc

Tuesday  22 October          School Holiday Running 

Thursday 31 October         Meeting Night Halloween at the Track!!!


Thursday 14 November      Meeting Night : Bring a Thing – any item of interest

Thursday 28 November      Meeting Night : Manometer Time - You Tube clips - think about it…


 Thursday 05December      Committee meeting

Thursday  12 December      Meeting Night - Project Night - Members latest work on display

Thursday  26 December     Boxing Day meet up in the Park


Wednesday 01 January       “New Year Gathering” members steam up down at the track

Thursday    09  January      Meeting Night - Annual General Meeting 



Meeting Nights are held in the Conservative Club,

70 Stanifield Lane, Leyland PR25 4GA, 20.00 hrs. or follow us on Facebook or email

Club House 01772  455580 (Tuesdays and Sundays)


Leyland Society of Model Engineers 

Company Limited by Guarantee Registration No 3322655 

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